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If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Audit Philosophy Now!
If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Audit Philosophy Now!
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The letters request that a "full audit" of the election be completed prior to any of the results being certified by the state. A news release from the Arizona Senate Republicans in late March said the audit will include scanning all 2.1 million paper ballots cast to look for irregularities, conducting a full manual recount, investigating the registration rolls and performing a forensic audit of the electronic voting machines and systems used. "I’m fighting to make sure that the full amount is transparent to the public, and actually runs through the Senate," he said during a press conference. "I’m going to try to make sure" the nonprofit’s donors are disclosed, Bennett told KJZZ. PHOENIX -- A judge ruled Wednesday that an audit of Arizona ballots from November's presidential election will continue, but the private company hired by the Republican-led state Senate must make public its procedures for guaranteeing the privacy of voters and the secrecy of their choices. Millions of people will never vote again, why bother, and HR1 just stacked the deck so Republicans will never win again. In a March 8 email to Fann, a person representing a group called We the People Alliance told Fann that its members "politely demand and insist" that she include Pulitzer on her audit team, noting that he testified with Trump attorney Rudy Giuiani.



In an email dated Nov. 30, Fann noted that she had asked Trump’s legal team for evidence of "rampant fraud" and Election Audit to file a lawsuit so the certification of the results can be put on hold, to no avail. "I put them aside. "I don’t know," I would reply. When the IRS audits your tax returns, you don’t get to pick the year, or decide which records to show them. I don’t know how much has been raised. Let us know in the comments below! Despite the recent law adopted by Republican state senators and representatives, Bennett said the same rules that applied to the 2020 election - rules that some Republicans say let private funds influence the election for partisan gain - should apply to the Senate’s election review. The bill required that at least half of the state's HAVA funds be used for the program. While many Republicans warned those private funds may have given some voters the appearance of influence or interference in the Election Audit, a few state lawmakers claimed the grants were used to tip the scales in favor of Democratic candidates on the ballot in Arizona. And in connection with all of this, Amy, with the falsehood that the election, the November election was rigged and that Joe Biden didn't really win, you have these re - or audits, I should say, going on in the Maricopa County in Arizona.



There is yet another George Soros connected nonprofit involved in the attempt to stop the Maricopa County election audit. Department of Justice saying it is concerned about ballot security and potential voter intimidation arising from the unprecedented private recount of the 2020 presidential Election Audit results. It should state the number of "spoiled" ballots, which should match the number of altered ballot stub numbers recorded in the voter signature book. We have seen every dirty trick in the book and a few we'd never imagined before played against those who support fair elections in Windham, NH. The ballot accounting charts for each precinct should state the number of ballots received at the start of the day, which should match the number on the itemized packing slip from the printer who supplied the county with all its ballots. A private nonprofit says it’s trying to raise $2.8 million to support a controversial review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County.



Shortly after Fann signed a contract with Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm leading the review, it became clear that the $150,000 she agreed to pay wouldn’t cover the expenses of a weeks-long audit of Maricopa County’s voting systems and equipment, as well as a hand recount of two federal races on nearly 2.1 million ballots cast last November. Last month, Maricopa County released the results of two new audits of its equipment that showed no malicious software or incorrect counting equipment and that none of the computers or equipment were connected to the internet. "You must be a citizen to vote in an election in Arizona, so that number appears to be completely fabricated and continues to rise, I believe the last time I got asked about this the claim was that 30,000 non-citizens voted. After human error was discovered and the count was adjusted, an audit of the vote showed that Dominion machines tabulated ballots accurately.



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